18 September, 2009

The Broken Spectacles

It was impossible at this point to ignore his eyes: deep set, large and a ghostly blue, the skin around them was dark and sallow, outlined perfectly by a brow at times delicate, at others severe. She could not help but stare.

It was not until this moment when he gazed at so close a proximity that the constant barrier, the screen-like barricade across his gaze the glass provided became intolerably evident. He met her stare: and suddenly the screen fell, his eyes were unadorned, and the unexpected intimacy of his expression made her quiver. His eyes were exquisite. Piercing. Deeply pained.

And filled with love.

She looked quickly away, busying herself once again with the broken frames, clicking the heavy glass back into place with a definite clack. She could feel the unbridled intensity upon her, and despite the chill in the November night, she felt at once hot and nervous.

She was unsettled, but still greater than her disquiet was her astonishment. And greater than either of those was her despair. “There you are,” she announced with false self-possession, “all fixed.” She held the frames out sideways, arm fully extended, and subsequently, she caught the nakedness of his look, which she held for a lingering moment before his “thank you” abruptly broke the spell as cleanly as the break in his now repaired spectacles.

He reached for them now, and the momentary brush of his calloused fingers on hers made her swelter once again. And then, as if replacing a coat of steel armor, Dmitri placed the frames firmly back upon his face, and they were once again at ease.


  1. Okay I am piecing this all together now: This (adorable) Dmitri person, is he the same person asking Shura questions in "trying to stand"? (ie, "but wasn't it rough?" he asked) is Dmitri the "he"??!

    Sarah, Shura, Eva, Demyan, Maxim and Dmitri.


    PS) Isn't "Shura" a Russian diminutive of "Alexandra"...? HMMMMMM...??!!

  2. Beautifully written.

  3. there is nothing like that feeling of knowing a person has feelings for you when you do not feel the same way. And it is even WORSE when they have the dignity and courage to keep it to themselves so as not to ruin what you DO have... Oh I so so so understand this passage! Poor Shura and Dmitri. It will never be the same for them after this, will it?



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