08 March, 2009

"follow follow follow follow..."

Forgive the absence.


1. I have a broken RIB. I blame Jeremiah James. And The Cooper. And myself. Mostly myself. No, actually, mostly Jeremiah. I completed my amazing workshop with The Cooper, and having the weakest lower back in Christendom, and having overworked it with backbends and flippy-Cooper-majigs last Friday, I decided that removing my corset for one show would aid in temporarily relieving the discomfort. I didn't count on the brute force of Mr. James' giant hands, and whilst lifting me in the prologue, a rib (#9 to be precise) was busted (and twisted! according to the Osteopath). Had I been wearing the corset, it never would've happened. It goes to show ya. So. Yes. Back to the blame: Cooper, James... and mostly me.... Anyway it has left me rather distracted. Perhaps I should ask Adam for a spare...[wink wink].

2. I am writing. And writing. Up until 5:30am kind of writing. And I cannot share it with all of you. At least not yet. This may be the case for quite a while and I apologise! But, it is gonna be worth it, my friends. My followers. And speaking of followers, this brings me to my next point....

So. I have been CHALLENGED. [play 'Rocky' theme]

Now I am not a betting woman, but what they heck?! Someone (who shall remain nameless though I would love to name and shame them because they are the same person who insinuated "Dickens of a" was a fiction) has challenged me to a followers DUEL! And this person deserves to go down in flames. [Cruella DeVil voice] FLAMES I TELL YOU!!

Would you be so kind as to become an official "follower" of my blog (scroll down the page and you will see a bar on the right hand side located below my "Labels") so that I may win this silly little bargain?

And just because I understand that in this life one can't get something for nothing, every new follower gets a SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET VERY SPECIAL GIFT from me. To you. With love. I will just need your email address.



  1. Ouch! Your poor rib! Take it easy and let it heal.

    Following now as requested. Good luck on the duel.

  2. thank you ZZ, would you like your super duper prize? let me know where I can email it!

  3. I am a follower! Without a photo, though. That will be changed! I am sorry about your rib. Jeremiah James must be extremely strong to break a rib with his bare hands!

  4. I'm a follower! (Is it just me or does that sound a little cultish?)

  5. what about people who have followed from the start? :)

  6. do we get a super secret thingymajig?

  7. I am now an official follower of your blog, in full support of this worthy cause!
    And whatever it is your working on, best of luck!!!

  8. I was at show on saturday night ,are you sure you had broken rib because your singing was fantastic.

  9. ooh, a duel! who gets to witness these things anymore?

    liz dot lin at gmail

  10. Joined! Absolutely love your Blog!
    Duel or not....

  11. "follow follow" UPDATE!
    I WON!

    Thanks all!! For those of you who still would like to claim your little thank you prize, pass along your email address and I'll send it post haste!


  12. Congratulations- I'm very intrigued about the mystery free gift as well!

  13. me likes gifty gifts :)

    geowyss at gmail dot com

  14. I also have a spare rib! Any time you are in need, I would be happy to share =)



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