02 February, 2009

Hot Cocoa, Here I Come...

Snow Day.
The capital has come to a standstill.
Show canceled.
Time to snuggle in.
Hunker down.
Bundle up.

Snowmen made.
Hot chocolate prepared.
...With marshmallows.

And though the city is frozen, the people within it are oddly warmer than usual. Smiling, building snow people and waving at one another.

Snow days are magical for so many reasons.


  1. Wow, I bet that is rare in London.

  2. That's like midwest snow! Fun times.

  3. I was VERY excited this morning! I'm glad someone else was too!

  4. it IS rare, it hasn't snowed like this in London for 18 years. As a former Midwesterner, I find it so hilarious that 8 inches of snow completely cripples the city. But there is going to be MORE tomorrow! Brilliant!

  5. Where's the snow you promised Al?
    Where is it?
    And yes....I was exremely amused at the state of the city yesterday - normal February day in Michigan :)

  6. Well, in Detroit, 8 inches is certainly nothing because they've got scads of snowplows and their own salt mines and so forth. But in even slightly more temperate climes like Cincinnati or Tokyo, 8 inches is a LOT of snow, because their infrastructure just isn't built for it.

    I hope there aren't too many power outages or other serious problems associated with the storm. Be sure to check on any elderly neighbors you might have!

  7. Oh no... what will happen to this season's Olive harvest??? Surely the frost will kill them all!

    Think of the children!



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