05 November, 2008

Today: The Election

This is going to sound overly sentimental and I am aware of that.
But. Today.
Today is the beginning of a new world.
And though I missed that magic stateside, I was able to participate in an entirely different American experience: witnessing the international community rise up with overwhelming fervour for an Obama victory.
It was magic over here in an utterly different way.

So, that being said, I decided to purchase a copy of The Times for my children.
I don't know if I will have any, or if I do, how many I might have.
But I wanted to freeze this moment of hope, joy and almost unendurable pride I felt for the country I walked away from so many years ago, traveling the world in an attempt to discover a place that would match my ideals, ethics and deepest desires.
I thought I had turned my back on these ideals, but to refer to a passage I wrote earlier this year:

"A traveller. Perhaps that's it. Though my travels hardly feel worthy of comparison to those of the greats-- Rosalind's full circle to and from Arden, Bilbo Baggins' There and Back Again. I am no explorer like Vespucci, not romantic enough for a gypsy nor pious enough for a pilgrim. Ahh America. How I had forgotten you, and how I longed to remember. Was blind but now I see, (as they say). And though I know I am no great traveller of Shakespearean or Historical proportion, I share with them and with us all, a cardinal desire: all I have ever wanted is what we all long for-- a place in the world. A home."

The thing is, I wanted to be able to say to those children  
I was there that day, 
     I remember it. 
I was so proud to be alive to witness it. 
This copy of The Times marks it; 
     it was very very special 
and you are holding a piece of that day in your little hands.

The cover of The Times is a photograph of Barack Obama and the title reads "A New Dawn," and I bought it because it symbolises for me the thought that anything is possible, that the pursuit of a dream is not just a futile notion instilled in us to get us through the difficult hours of our days. That, to quote President Elect Obama himself,  
"we've proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth; but from the enduring nature of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope."

... and as I thumbed through the edition, I came across another image that moved me.
It was an advertisement for Carousel, containing a photograph of me from the production.
Right there,
     in the same edition of The Times.
The very paper I had saved for my future children to show them that anything is possible contains a photo of their mother;
who, with tremendous, unutterable gratitude, pursues her individual goals and dreams,
     and will someday teach them that

They really can.


  1. There was an article in the New York Times today saying how Obama's win reminds the world that anything is possible. He truly is an inspiration and my faith in the American people is renewed.

    Truly, we're all glowing in the United States, and it seems like the rest of the world is glowing too. It's infectious and unbelievably positive - I love it!

    Your blog is also an inspiration - that dreams of a life in theatre can also be done. Thank you.

  2. Not overly sentimental at all. It was a wonderful, beautiful night. And today was even better.

  3. Gulp. (I know, I know...a meagre response to such eloquence, but it was adequate, since you had said it all.) I share your joy. x

  4. i have great hope, as well. beautiful. and inspiring.

  5. i have great hope, as well. beautiful. and inspiring.

  6. Just visiting from across the pond. What a lovely tribute to the day, the moment, when America rose up and said Yes to a promising future, and lifted the hearts of so many of us, here and elsewhere. Hope is such a glorious emotion and though I am sure the challenges this president will face are enormous, I have such pride in everyone who helped make it happen for him, and in him for being who he is.

  7. awww that's amazing.. i hope you have bought a suitable hermetically sealable envelope...



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