21 September, 2008

Come ride the Carousel

Carousel Collage

"The World belongs to you as much as to the next fella. 
So don't give it up..."

Having recently completed the final week of rehearsal I can safely say that you will not be disappointed, and that it is gonna be pret-ty gosh darn good.

Dark. Gritty. At times quite graphic.
Romantic. Evocative. Incredibly sensual.
Uplifting. Cathartic. Soaring.

Lindsay*, Adamº and David˚˚ have created something absolutely incredible, and I feel so unutterably honored to be a part of this beautiful production of an already exceptional piece, skillfully wrought by two of the greatest talents in theatrical history, and considered the "Best Musical of the 20th Century" by no less than Time Magazine. 

...See you there.

* Posner,  º Cooper,  ˚˚ Firman


  1. Hoping to see it next summer! Best wishes for a fantastic run!

  2. Love the collage! Can not wait to see the production.
    Happy touring.

  3. Hi! So I'm going to be visiting some friends of mine at Cambridge in mid-January. I'm thinking of taking a day trip and seeing the show in London!

  4. Well, I hope you have a wonderful tour and I look forward to seeing the show in the West End. The West End needs a top class production of a truly great musical and I have a feeling this won't disappoint. xx

  5. "...with Silber taking the honours for the complete package: looks, emotional and character development, voice and a maturity beyond her years."

    - Musicalcriticism.com

    Rave review!

  6. Good luck with the show! i will be there to see it when it hits the Savoy. Enjoy!

  7. you're a queer one, Julie Jordaaan...

  8. heya al. you were fab today, really loved the show it really was the who package! bring on wimbeldon and the westend! lots of love and hugs abi xxx

  9. Thank you for your performance - we saw Carousel last night and thought it a wonderful production. Thank you, and all of the cast, for your hard work.



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