20 September, 2007


...Sometimes I really feel utterly overwhelmed by how much I love her.
It is a difficult thing to describe. I shall endeavor to try.
I feel she is a faraway friend, one whom I visit daily (sometimes twice daily), albeit only in my imagination. I know everything about her. What she thinks of her family, what she is and isn't good at, every like and dislike (she dislikes cooking [Tzeitel and Shpritze are the cooks] and is quite the fastidious cleaner).

All characters endear themselves to you, all of them are a part of you, but few weave in and out of your soul with such spirit and zeal, take you over, win you, until you can scarcely tell the difference or detect the line between the emotional truths of one and the other. She's me. She's just me, in a different world. And sometimes I wish I could meet her, and hold her, and thank her for all she has given me.

It's around this time of year that I begin to miss home so much. ("Michigan seems like a dream to me now...") I am after all, pardon the expression, quite far from the home I love...and this time of year I suppose it feels extra far away.

Autumn arrived today. 13º and grey. A peaceful grey though, not too dark.
Time to rearrange the clothes. Insulate the house.
Prepare for cozy.


  1. I'm currently in "the home you love"
    went shopping in Birmingham, took a little ride to Cass Lake and tonight we're going out in Pontiac. So I'll think of you and hope you're here in spirit!

  2. Hi Alexandra! I'm sure you don't remember me--we were in a few shows together back in Birmingham many years ago. (I still remember your mom getting mad at me because I didn't want to wear football shoulder pads as the caterpillar in "Alice in Wonderland" at the First Theatre Guild.) I saw your name in a press release about "Fiddler", which led me here, and I just wanted to say congratulations! I may be in London around Christmas and I will definitely try to see it then. I hope all is well with you!

    --Arielle Lipshaw

  3. Hello Arielle,
    Of course I remember you. Fellow Gracie Shinn and Catepillar! Would love to see you at stage door around Christmas, let me know when you are in. Thanks for visiting and hope all is well with you too!

    Al x



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