30 May, 2007

Fiddler on the Roof West End Press Night

I think it is worth mentioning that the sizzle i felt during the climax of Tradition and the applause at the end of The Wedding Dance, were unlike anything I have ever experienced. Ever.

After much toil, a lovely evening...

The Embassy Club, Mayfair
29 May 2007


  1. babe.. I hope opening night went well.. I was thinking of you ( I was in Dubai) your photos look amazing & I have read nothing but amazing things about your performance!! no suprises there..see you soon.. I will come & see it again. big kiss xxx

  2. DentistDaveDDSNovember 24, 2007

    We had the pleasure of sitting 2nd row smack in the middle, and watching the energy and emotions of the entire cast up-close was phenomenal. EVERYONE was moved by the performances from the overture until final curtain … all ages laughing, smiling, dabbing their eyes, and evidently identifying with the various characters and scenarios. My daughter, visiting from Denmark last week, saw the performance and gave it the supreme complement: “It’s almost as good as Les Mis”! Which she’s seen countless times around the world. When I called her after the performance and told her that we’ll need to go in and see it again, soon, she said that she’ll be coming over again and get her tickets!

    Sorry about rambling on, but I just wanted to put my 2 cents into the mix, and let you know that you contributed greatly to a fantastic afternoon in London, and wanted to thank you. We would greatly appreciate it if you would pass our heartfelt thanks on to your colleagues in the cast … we will return again … and again … as long as the production runs at the Savoy!
    With best wishes, and continued good luck



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