14 October, 2006

Flying over Greenland...

Flying over Greenland....
... it feels as though I am in the middle of a poem.
The craigy fijords of frozen water, accentuated by miles of clean, immaculate white.
Expanses of icy land.

The scene has inspired a sense of gratitude, awakened a well of emotion deep within and kissed it gently with frosty breath. And this pool of warm feeling has nestled up against the frost, frozen over, and displayed tiny shards of ice patterns, like a blush.
It is all renewal, all possibility.
It brings cold tears to my eyes.
The kind that freeze on your face, and sting.

Greenland has filled me. With gratitude, with hope.
Take heart, Al. The wonderous icy mountains have selected you, said hello.
This vision that has been seen by few has reminded me there are things at work greater than one's self.

Here, there is clarity, purity, peace.
Here, above the top of the world.

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