09 August, 2006

Filming 1408

The scene is actually completely improvised, as is much of the movie, but was terrifying because you're thinking "Not only do I have to be in the presence of John CUSACK, but I also have to try to be unassuming, um, good and on top of everything else I have to MAKE UP THE LINES?!!".

So I was trying to seem very nonchlant and all, and my cool skills utterly failed me.

John Cusack: So.... have you made a lot of films?

Al: Um, well, no, this is my first film. My only other professional
job was in musical theatre.

John Cusack: are you serious? what musical? one in the west end?

Al: um yeah, the woman in white, the andrew lloyd webber thing?
i played the [bad self deprecating hand gestures that MAY have
included the quotation thing people do with their fingers]
"damsel in distress."

John Cusack: Right. That's great. Anyway, your first film.
well you are doing great, you really seem like you've
been doing this forever.


[this is where i just don't know what to say. I SCRAMBLE for coolness, for nonchalance, for anything other than total akward silence... and it doesn't come. So out flies the lamest thing I've ever said.. and it is falling out in slow motion...]


[WHAT?!!! really awkward pause. I AM AN ASSHOLE.]

John Cusack: Well... you know... I have....

[I know this. I saw him in The Journey of Naddy Gan. I AM AN ASSHOLE!!!]

Al: ... I know. I was... you know. it was supposed to
sort of be a joke...

John Cusack: uh huh...


  1. Hi, I know you posted this a year ago, but I wanted to tell you something...
    My name is Pablo, I've just seen the movie 1408, and, even though you played a small part in it, I was astonished by your beauty! The first thing I did when it was over, was finding out who that beautiful girl was, and so I found your website on IMDB... and, well, I just wanted to let you know this...
    Now that I read your post, I'm even more surprised... that scene was really improvised? Wow! I can't imagine the pressure of having to improvise a scene with someone like John Cusack! You were really good in it!
    I hope I can see you in another movie, since it's impossible for me to see you in theathers (I'm in Argentina).
    Just know, you now have a fan in a little country far far away ;)

    (please excuse my english as I'm still learning it)

  2. I have to agree with Pablo, I was very impressed with your one scene in 1408. You seemed so intense and sincere. In fact, I was surprised that there wasn't more of you in the film. Your character showed such poignancy that I thought they must be setting up a main character. And of course your beauty is so striking that it's impossible NOT to remember you! Anyway, thanks for giving us fans a place to comment, and best wishes for you career.

  3. I recently watched "1408" movie and the scene that you were in it just struck me. I am not sure what it was that made me like the scene so much. It may have been combination of how you expressed yourself and your beauty, perhaps. I can only wait to see you in future movies. If I find out you are doing a play in CA, it would be a pleasure to attend. Just to let you know I am among your fans in the USA (CA). Good luck. :)

    Best wishes,
    The Bearded One.

  4. I thought you were great too. You truly have a wonderful onscreen presence. I thought I was going to look on imdb and find out you were some big star in the UK or something. Then I seen 1408 is your only credit and I was shocked. I'm just starting out as a filmmaker but I would love to work with you one day. (That's if you even want to act lol) Best Wishes.



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