07 September, 2005

Simon Callow's note

When Simon took over in the role of Count Fosco, there was a big ballyhoo. In an attempt to make the role "his own" he requested a few changes to the previous Fosco track, and called actors individually to his company to discuss ideas. These invites were presented on (not IN) posh white envelopes and placed at the entrance of our dressing room doors. Imagine the following in huge calligraphic scrawl:

"Al DEAR. I don't want to disturb you when you might
be snoozing/ winning the all-england soduko
championship/ writing a memoir of your Glasgow youth
BUT... Sir T Nunn asked me to "free up" A GIFT FOR
LIVING WELL [his song] and I have one idea which would
include you. I am in the [makeup] chair from 7 and
can't possibly move. Could you BEAR to pop down and
discuss it?
x Simon"

... that is fine.

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