11 May, 2015

The Instance

There was one instance that stuck out in her mind...

Shura had suddenly had the shape of a woman far before her mind could catch up, leaving her open to a throng of unwelcome taunting. Walking down the main thoroughfare in town a collection of Yeshiva young boys skulked behind her thoroughly fascinated; observing her walk, her curves and calling out names.

That day, a boy named Dovidke had followed her to the livery from the schoolhouse, plunged his hands into a trough of cold water, and when Shura exited, he threw the water in her face. She returned home soaking wet, red-faced, in a terrible upset.

Later,  Sarah came to ask what was the matter, and was she ever furious—insisting that Shura name the boys before she left the house at a clip. 

The following day the boys came all the way up to their house. They asked permission to see Shura, and in a gallant voice Dovidke spoke on behalf of all of them.
     "We are all terribly sorry for using such harsh words with a lady..." he looked to the other boys for help, "And, we are remorseful for being so crass and cruel. It will never happen again. Oh! And, if anyone else ever bothers you, we will take care of them." They bowed their heads and quietly left. 

It wasn’t until many weeks later that Mama said Sarah had gotten herself into serious trouble with the Yeshiva—apparently she had made quite a scene.

    “But—" though Shura, "but Sarah doesn’t even like me…” said Shura, “Why on earth would she do that...?

Mama simply smiled.
Mama's always know.

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